Sunday, April 30, 2017

Popcorn Words....

...they pop up everywhere.  We hope that you are enjoying the Snuggle up and Read program that has been going home weekly.  The books that are included in each folder are great books to search for popcorn words (high frequency words).  These are the words that POP UP everywhere.  We practice spelling them in the classroom and search for them during our morning messages and when reading.  Here they are for you to to help support your child's early reading at home :)

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We have also been playing with rhyming words.  Rhyming plays a large part in your child's literacy development.  It allows them to not only play with words, but to develop an understanding of beginning and end sounds, as well as spelling patterns.  We've been singing a Raffi favourite of mine... Willaby Wallaby Woo  (sadly, this is not Raffi in the attached video!)

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