Monday, June 5, 2017

The "CH" Sound and Environmental Print

Keep those cereal, yogurt, cracker and flyer labels coming!! The children are having a lot of fun identifying the signs and symbols they easily recognize in their home, school and community. Im hoping the children can make connections with the names of these "everyday" signs and the letters used to spell them.

A great example happened today.  Melilla shared that Chapter's was a sign she can easily recognize.  I carefully repeated the word, Chapter's while really focusing on the CH part.  Without saying a word, I held up a Cheerios Cereal box label.  The children instantly recognized it and cheered, "Cheerios!!!".  Then, they got it!  They made the connection that both Chapter's and Cheerios began with the CH sound.

The conversation then snowballed into a huge list of all the words that we know that began with the CH sound!  AMAZING!  So telling about how much our Kinders have learnt this year and how their ears are easily recognizing and identifying these sounds!!!


CHocolate Bar
CHarizard (a Pokemon??) - Thanks Tim ;)

:) :) :) :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fire Safety

The kinders enjoyed a visit from the Fire Department yesterday. We gathered together in the Learning Commons and watched a video with Sparky the Dog. The kinders practised Stop, Drop and Roll and how to exit a building safely by keeping low to the ground. We took a closer look at a Fire Fighters uniform and some of the special tools Fire Fighters use. It was a great and informative visit. 🚒

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Environmental Print

Environmental Print in the Classroom ('s guest post at The Reading Corner) -- A simple, but effective, way to integrate early literacy skills in preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool classrooms:

Dear Parents,

We are working to create a print rich learning

environment! We ask that you please help us by

allowing your child to bring examples of

environmental print to our classroom.

Environmental print consists of labels, signs, and

logos that are easily recognizable. These items can

be found in your home and do not require any

additional cost to you. Examples would include soup

labels, cereal boxes, packaging materials, bags,

cartons, etc. We will use these items to help us

bridge the gap between functional print and our

beginning stages of reading. Please send in

manageable-sized signs and labels that will fit into

your child’s backpack.

Thank you for assisting us with this exciting project!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Totem Poles

We are in search of PAPER TOWEL rolls for a future activity in Kindergarten!!  THANK YOU :)


Students has such a great measuring the stuffies they brought into school last month.  Here is a pic of  some of the fun!!

The Solar System

It started with a book…

‘He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands’ by Kadir Nelson.

A book that resembles the song we all know tells the story through the eyes of a child.  Capturing the beautiful wonders that make our Earth so grand.  

One page in particular that shows a beautiful image of the Earth had students wondering....

Before we knew it, the students were fully engaged in questioning, sharing information and researching to learn new information.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Popcorn Words....

...they pop up everywhere.  We hope that you are enjoying the Snuggle up and Read program that has been going home weekly.  The books that are included in each folder are great books to search for popcorn words (high frequency words).  These are the words that POP UP everywhere.  We practice spelling them in the classroom and search for them during our morning messages and when reading.  Here they are for you to to help support your child's early reading at home :)

Related image


We have also been playing with rhyming words.  Rhyming plays a large part in your child's literacy development.  It allows them to not only play with words, but to develop an understanding of beginning and end sounds, as well as spelling patterns.  We've been singing a Raffi favourite of mine... Willaby Wallaby Woo  (sadly, this is not Raffi in the attached video!)