Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Kindness Quilt

We will be reading The Kindness Quilt. It's a wonderful story about a teacher and an assignment she gave her students. Each child was asked to draw and write about how they can be kind. In the end, the students end up creating a beautiful quilt displaying all of their kindness.

We will be making one of our own! To get the conversation going, we were hoping that moms and dads could talk about kindness at the dinner table by asking the question, "I am kind when?" or "Kindness is?"

I am kind when I read to my little brother.
I am kind when I set the table.
I am kind when I put my food wrappers in the garbage.
Kindness is giving a hug to a friend.
Kindness is keeping our classroom clean.

We really look forward to our class quilt and (my hope) is for all the kindergarten classes add to make a whole kindergarten team quilt!!!

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